Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet Stanley in Yei, Sudan

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crises Hit Pacific Islands

Philippines Flood Disaster
- 73,892 people rescued
- 2,254,915 people affected
- 389,616 located in 561 evacuation shelters
- 736,197 displaced people
- 3,374 homes affected

Padang, Indonesia Earthquake
- 7.6 Magnitude
- Devastates Padang
- Current Death Toll: 529 people (number of casualties are expected to increase rapidly as search efforts continue)

Samoa Tsunami Disaster
- 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake devastates Samoa @ 6.48am local time
- Deadly Tsunami strikes islands at 07:00am

Historic and devastating floods in the Philippines, a killer tsunami in Samoa, and deadly earthquakes in Indonesia... its been a horrific week for literally millions of people in these Pacific islands. In the Philippines alone, more than 2 million homes have been destroyed.

Pete Sumrall, President of Feed The Hungry received an emergency e-mail from David & Beverly Sumrall. They pastor Cathedral of Praise in Manila, Philippines, a vibrant church started by Dr. Lester Sumrall more than 50 years ago. Beverly shared these gripping words:

"Flooding was horrific all over the city-- what had been knee high rose to neck high in a matter of seconds-- areas that were neck high rose to 15 feet. Thousands of people spent day and night on the roof of their houses without food or drinkable water. Areas of the city which had never flooded before were inundated with water. The floods rose so suddenly. Entire families grabbed their children by the hands and ran for their lives, only to have their little ones swept away by the raging torrents. They were too weak to hang on, and too little to survive. Many children are among the dead. In the Marikina Jail, prisoners were not allowed to go out to seek higher ground, they drowned in their cells."
The need is enormous and the situation is desperate. Feed The Hungry is responding immediately to help displaced families in Manila, Samoa, and Indonesia by purchasing tons of staple food items and water for the church to serve the suffering.

If you'd like to help families who have lost homes and belongings because of these natural disasters, please visit and help today. Thank you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Managua, Nicaragua

We have been in Nicaragua for 6 days now, enjoying a wonderful ministry experience with a team of 11 wonderful people from Cornerstone Family Church of North Carolina. Under the caring leadership of Troy Doudy (who serves as a missionary in Nicaragua along with his wife, Ginnette and son, Aaron) we provided food paks and conducted evangelistic services in Nueva Guinea, Calderon, Santa Rita and Bluefields. It is the peak of rainy season here, and we battle the rain and mud...lots of mud... each day. However, the weather conditions cannot dampen the excitement of the team as we see God's hand work in mighty ways!

We have seen people respond to salvation, be filled with the Spirit, and receive miracles. One miracle that stands out to me took place in Nueva Guinea - a mother and father brought their young son up for prayer. There were many people lined up to receive healing and we did not even know they were there. Suddenly the father began to weep uncontrollably. When asked through the interpreter what was happening, he told us that their son was scheduled for major surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his neck. The tumor was clearly visible as a large lump. When Pastor Jonathan Morgan from Cornerstone began to pray, they closed their eyes to agree for a miracle for their son. When they opened their eyes the lump on the side of his neck was completely gone! As I looked at it, I could see a couple of lines but it was perfectly smooth and flat. Praise the Lord! There were many more miracles throughout the trip just like this one!

It was an honour to meet Pastor Angel Gahona in Bluefields. He is in the process of planting 20 churches in Nicaragua, pastors a large church in Bluefields, and is starting a major feeding center to minister to the large number of people in extreme poverty in Bluefields. Lamar, Kandesa, and I traveled with him to one of the poorest areas, which is called "July 19". It's funny that it has a name, since it's actually the city garbage dump. However, it is home to the very poorest who try to survive each day by scavenging in the waste along with the pigs. It is in this very area that Feed the Hungry will partner with Pastor Gahona to begin a feeding center that will feed people each day - in body, soul, and spirit. Pastor Gahona will also use his cell group leaders to target other families imprisoned by poverty in Bluefields and bring the hope of Christ through the Word of God and food provided by Feed the Hungry.

Once we returned to Managua we were able to visit the feeding center where Feed the Hungry is feeding over 250 children. When the bus with our team pulled into the center we were immediately surrounded by children who were laughing and screaming in their excitement to see us. They knew we were bringing food! We held a children's service, where the US team presented their salvation skit, and a clown talked about Jesus using tricks like sticking a needle through a balloon without having it pop. Then we helped to serve the children as they ate their meal. It was heartbreaking to see that many of the children were sick due to improper sanitary conditions, and a number had the tell-tale signs of malnutrion (such as orange hair).

I am so glad that Feed the Hungry is able to make a difference to these children, and hope to be able to increase our ability to help even more children in Nicaragua. I have left a piece of my heart in Nicaragua, with the beautiful children who are so gracious and determined and who need Jesus with all their hearts!

Doreen Sparman

International FTH Director


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog by Proxy

Lamar Austin (FTH US) and Doreen Sparman (FTH Canada) are leading a group of 15 down the Escondido River in Nicaragua. The group arrived in Managua last Friday and they've been visiting villages all along the river on the way to Bluefields-- a great little port city on the Atlantic Coast.

Lamar's called in a couple times & Doreen has been able to send a few photos, but web access has been a little sparse, as you could imagine. It's the rainy season (the REALLY rainy season) and the team's been holding up well.

Here's a neat story-- the guys ran into a village farmer who received help from Feed The Hungry on a previous mission, for several years he's harvested a crop from the seeds that we sent to Nicaragua several years ago and used the surplus to benefit others in the village. Pay it forward brother!

Hopefully Lamar or Doreen can connect soon and post a first-person update. Today they are at a feeding center that FTH helped resurrect in Bluefields; two hundred children or so are coming to the center daily for lunch and school tutoring.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News from Uganda

Our friend Solomon sent an update yesterday, thanking everyone for thier prayers for Priscilla. She’s come a long way & has a long way to go but “with God all things are possible” as Jesus said! Here's a photo of Priscilla helping to move bricks as the new school is being built-- she's always smiling and wanting to help or share what she has with the other kids.

----Original Message-----
From: solomon mwesige
Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 5:57 AM
Subject: Priscilla

Greetings in the name of the Lord. Priscilla is doing great, God has been very faithful, she has not been down sick or in hospital since the last time I wrote asking for prayers, I believe the rice and soy meals and the new vitamins you gave us have also done a great job in boosting her immunity, she has not missed class since and her brain power has increased. Based on what the Doctors have said though, they think that she will keep loosing her memory till she cant learn anything new. We have seen that happen at the school in the past, but these days her performance in class is a lot better and her academics are progressing.

Thanks for investing in her life both spritually through prayer and the food and vitamin support.


William sent an email to report on the positive impact the fortified rice meals are having on the children at 'Little Angels'. We are so grateful to Feed My Starving Children and their volunteers who pack these rice & soy meals that Feed The Hungry ships to childcare partners throughout Africa.

Greetings and many thanks from me, my wife Jane, the staff and all the children at Little Angels Children Centre. God bless you for your generous heart that has made a great change in our school. The FOOD and the VITAMIN TABLETS that you gave us has really made our children HEALTHY.

Since we recieved this blessing the children who used to be sick all the time are now now well all the time! If you can see them today you would just praise God. The number of children at the school are increasing every term, when we first recieved the rice meals we had 150 students and now 207 . We pray that God may open more doors for you that through you many things can happen in our community and nation. God bless you!

Pastor William Walusimbi

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

At Work in Port au Prince

The Feed The Hungry team arrived in Haiti on Monday & Tuesday. Seeing the kids at the Mercy & Sharing Orphanage and School was again an emotionally moving experience-- most of the children are here because they were abandoned, left by a parent to basically die. Some were left at the Hospital General in PaP, some were left on a street or field, one was found inside a cardboard box... and I hate to even think of this... one abandoned child I met a few years back was thrown into a latrine hole when only a few months old.

It's hard to comprehend how a mother or father, or both, could consciously decide to do such a thing; I honestly don't know what combination of factors make child abandonment such an accepted 'fact of life' here. Maybe it is abject poverty... a mother knowing she cannot provide for her child (but I've seen moms & dads do some extraordinary things to make ends meet when it comes to their child's survival); maybe it is social stigma or superstition... most of the abandoned children have some kind of handicap or another, either a physical or mental challenge; maybe Voodoo has something to do with it, the nation has been steeped in the dark religion for over a hundred years.

Regardless of how, when, where, or why they've been abandoned IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to see the wonderful joy and absolute life that these kids exude. From the littlest infants to the largest teens, every one responds with life and laughter to the smallest gift of love-- a smile, a wave, a tickle, a hug, a little game of catch-- causes great joy to erupt.

Today I've been privileged to feel a small portion of what Jesus must have felt when he had the kiddies pressing all around him, getting blessed by their time with Jesus and Jesus getting blessed by his time with them. Remember the disciples tried to shoo them away but he rebuked the guys pretty good saying, "Let the little children come to me! Stop keeping them away! For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." He treasured his moment away from the do's & dont's and stresses of adulthood to let loose and feel the joy, sheer innocence, and trusting abandon that makes a child a child... and I treasured my moments today.

Monday, April 13, 2009

JP has arrived in Lahore!

JP called from Quetta, Pakistan... they made it through the border and will clear the vehicle through Customs in Quetta.  He's met up with Salik John from the Evangelical Fellowship of Pakistan and they'll get a good nights rest and then go to Lahore; then back to Germany on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

At the Iranian Border

Jean Pierre called and he's stuck at the Iran/Pakistan border.  The border has been closed for two days because of unrest in Quetta.  There doesn't seem to be much in the news cycle at this point, but here is a report from the BBC:

JP and the boys are supposed to meet with Feed The Hungry representative Salik John at the border but they haven't seen him yet.

Please continue to pray for safety and secure passage through to Lahore.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not much from JP today; he did send a couple photos from Turkey. Please continue to remember JP & the boys in your prayers. Bad news out of Pakistan yesterday & today; first a suicide bombing in Islamabad and then today a suicide bombing in Chakwal which is in the central part of the country (a city in the north of Punjab State).

At least 22 killed in Pakistan suicide bombing

CHAKWAL, Pakistan (Reuters) – A suicide bomber blew himself up at a gathering of minority Shi'ite Muslims in Pakistan on Sunday killing 22 people a day after a deadly suicide attack in the capital, police said.

Pakistan is crucial to U.S. efforts to stabilize neighboring Afghanistan and U.S. President Barack Obama has said the release of additional U.S. aid to the nuclear-armed country depends on how it tackles terrorism.

The attack in the central city of Chakwal came a day after a pilotless U.S. drone aircraft killed 13 people including militants in the northwest and a suicide bomber killed eight soldiers in Islamabad.

About 2,000 people had gathered at a Shi'ite religious center in Chakwal, about 100 km (60 miles) south of Islamabad, for a ceremony when the bomber struck.

"There was a break in the ceremony and some people were going out and others were coming in when all of a sudden a young man tried to run into the crowd," said witness Amjad Hussain.

"When guards tried to stop him at the gate he blew himself up."

Regional police chief Nasir Khan Durrani said 22 people had been killed and 35 wounded. Durrani said the death toll would have been much higher if the bomber had managed to force his way into the crowd.

Surging militant violence has raised fears for nuclear-armed Pakistan's prospects, a year after a civilian government came to power ending eight years of military rule.

President Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, and the coalition government are also struggling to revive an economy propped up by a $7.6 billion International Monetary Fund loan.

Outside the religious center, blood was splattered over the gate and walls while shoes and other possessions were strewn on the ground. Three mangled motorcycles lay outside the gate.

Pakistan has a long history of tit-for-tat attacks by militants from the majority Sunni and minority Shi'ite Muslim communities.

But sectarian militancy intensified after some anti-Shi'ite groups forged ties with al Qaeda and Taliban militants, security officials say.

Shi'ites account about 15 percent of Pakistan's 170 million mostly Sunni population and in general the two communities live in peace.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Instanbul

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sat 4/4/2009 1:52 PM
Subject: Update

Hi FTH Staff,

Thanks for praying. We are in Istanbul at the moment. I decided yesterday to take one day off. Two days full driving and two nights with only a little bit of sleep is enough reason for a break. We got a nice hotel at the airport for a good rate. We spend almost two hours at the Turkish border. On the Greek side the custom office called an inspector and gave order to examine the vehicle. The female officer that came to the car, thought we transferred an ambulance into a camper. But when Marcel opened the back door and when she looked at the orange stretcher and the medical equipment, she became very nice and she gave us all the stamps we needed. On the Turkish side it was difficult to find somebody who felt responsible to work on our papers. They all were not very friendly. Several times the thought came up in my mind, if they want to become a member of the EU, they need to change their attitudes towards foreigners, and should start to study at least a little bit of English. Not talking about German. Every officer refused to stamp our custom papers. I hope that this will not give us any difficulties to get the tax back when we return to Germany.

From there we went straight towards Istanbul. People were walking all along the highway. Can you imagine, driving 150 Kilometers an hour, and there is a donkey on the right hand lane. Well this is this part of this world here. At one point there was a big hole in the surface and I really was worried that this maybe did something to the ambulance. But praise God, nothing happened. Pastor Peter in Zurich had the vision, that our vehicle has a kind of protection wall or skin around it, like an army tank. I really believe that. We are in the army of the LORD and in a mission to bring the gospel, health and delivery to the hurting people of Pakistan. Sunday morning we will leave very early. I have the goal, to get as close as possible to the Iran Border. So we will spend the night from Sunday to Monday again somewhere in Turkey. Tuesday morning we will cross the border into Iran. And I believe we could be at our final destination on good Friday. It would be nice to park the Ambulance on Easter Sunday in front of the church. That would be great, but I will not put myself under any kind of pressure. This could become “unhealthy”, driving tired……Thanks for praying. I believe GOD for seeing you all in South Bend this summer. Any way to drive there…….
Jp, Marcel and Philipp

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Turkish Delight!

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Thursday, April 02, 2009 2:15 PM
Subject: Update

Short update on the trip. Please pass it on to everybody else. Drove four hours. Just three hours away from the Turkish border now. The officer this morning, when we came off the ship in Greece did not charge us for the road tax, because of the thing we do-- driving an ambulance to Pakistan, she said. Maybe it was my smile.....

thanks for praying, jp

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making Progress towards Pakistan

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Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 3:32 PM
Subject: Update

Hi everybody, greetings from Italy. If you think we run around with T-Shirt and Sun lotion, wrong. It is cold and rainy. Yesterday evening we had so much rain, that the window wiper hat not enough speed to wipe the rain off the windshield! But anyway we made it, late into here.

Sunday morning we had a great and wonderful service with Pastor Peter in his church, the ZOE GOSPEL CENTER. The church prayed for us and the vehicle. Wonderful people and a great church. Today we had a short meeting with a sponsor here in Venice. We took a few hours to walk through the city. For me it was a strange feeling being here again. During the many weeks and months I spent in Croatia and Bosnia during the war, I drove over here on the weekend sometimes to get out of all the mess over in Bosnia. To be here with this memory and being here today with my two sons was special. Right then they were not even born. Spoke with Pakistan today, everything is on time on their end. They still working on the papers to get the Ambulance tax free into Pakistan.

I got a nice and lovely email today. Someone driving their car obviously saw our email address on the ambulance when passing by us. He got online and seny us an email and said that he wishes all the best for our journey. We are aware of the attack in Lahore, Pakistan. I will keep an eye on that. In about two hours we will enter the ferry to Greece.

JP, Marcel and Philipp

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update from JP... Pakistan here we come!

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Sat 3/28/2009 2:31 AM
Subject: Greetings from Switzerland

Hi Everybody,
Short report from the first two days on the trip. The TV Crew spent almost four
hours with us. Hopefully they don’t cut too much. Right after they left, we
also took off. In south Germany, around an hour from the Swiss border, our GPS
quit its job. Marcel in the back of the ambulance took the laptop and studied
the manual. It was stored on the laptop. After a reset it was working again for
maybe another ten minutes. So no way to go any further. I drove off the highway
to look for a good store. We found one very quick and we got a new one. The
other one we take back from where we got it, it is a case of warranty. In maybe
one hours time we were back on track. When we came to the border, they had
already closed. With our special documents we cannot just go through. I need a
stamp that I left Germany in order to get the tax back that we paid. So we
parked in a long line of trucks, which were asking about the same thing. A female
custom officer (Swiss) jumped on a truck driver so bad, that I was thinking that
we don’t get her. But guess what, we got her. She still looked very mean, but
when we explained our mission to her, she became very nice and helpful. The
pressed her stamp on our papers and even came out of her little office. She
told the officer at the gate, what our mission was and ask him to let us trough
right away. So we passed by on about 50 trucks towards the gate. At the gate
the offices stopped us again. I thought he will check the papers and passports.
But he did not. He wished us all the best, good luck and travel mercies. That
was really nice. We arrived in Zurich late that night. On Friday we went to
Peter Hasler's church (FTH Director Switzerland). We all had a great and nice time with
Pastor Peter in his beautiful church. Pastor Peter was with Dr. Sumrall in
Jerusalem, when Dr. Sumrall received the vision from the LORD for Feed The Hungry. So
Peter is a man who's been with FTH from the first hour. I ask him to come to South Bend to our next
meeting. On Sunday we will share the project in the church service and right after the
service we will leave for the spaghetti Mecca of Italy, to catch the ferry.

JP, Marcel
and Philipp

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jean Pierre on the road to Pakistan

Jeanne Pierre (affectionately known as "JP") is the Director of Feed The Hungry Germany and he's on his way to Lahore, Pakistan with his two boys in tow. The interesting thing is that JP will be driving to Lahore... from Germany... in an ambulance! On a journey of approximately 4,000 miles let's hope the boys don't start with the "Dad, are we there yet?" routine until they hit the border of Iran at least.

JP will be bringing the ambulance to our partner ministry in Lahore, the Evangelical Fellowship of Pakistan. Our plan is to send a shipping container of medical supplies from LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry to keep the ambulance stocked and ready to go for years to come.

It’s a long trip through eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan (driving all day every day for 18 days) and things were kind of unstable in Pakistan a few weeks back, but have gotten better since then. Please keep JP and his boys in mind whenever you're on the road or shuttling your kids about.

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 4:56 AM
To: Stefan Radelich
Subject: Update on Ambulance Trip

Good Morning Everybody,

Greetings from a nice and sunny morning in Germany. Spring seems to come. For sure our departure day is coming. Our website says since Monday, that the countdown is running. Every day one day less.

Little update: The ambulance is back from the shop since two weeks. The owner of the shop told me, that it is in an excellent condition. They checked everything. They made an oil change, checked the motor and the transmission. They replace the two front tires and that’s also the only thing they charged us for. Praise the LORD. I had a very good press meeting last week. They did a great article in the paper on last Thursday. The paper probably sold well that day. The day before, on Wednesday we had that school shooting you may heart of. Big tragedy. Germany is the number two on list of school shooting in the world. Shows me how much my country need to hear about JESUS.

I worked a lot on the webpage. We started to type a blog. It is of course in German, but I give you the link, if you want to at least see it. I put a lot of photos in there from the preparing process. Last night we started to pack.

I am in constantly contact with Pastor Salik. He informed me Monday, that the situation in Pakistan, also in Lahore calmed down. I would not say that we can talk about a peaceful country. This area will be an unrest region for a long time. Challenge to us, to be a witness for JESUS in this time of history.

The Turkish government does not allow us to cross their country with a “transfer car license”. No idea what the English term will be. So we have to go with the normal license plate. But that means, I have to take the entire car documents all the way back to Germany, cancel the registration and send the papers back by Fedex. Stupid rules. We could drive around Turkey with a transfer number I would like to use, or sell a car in country, but we can just go through. Well, wasting time to think about it. I spoke with Salik about it, that what we will do. At the border in Pakistan we have to get insurance. My insurance is only good up to the border Iran/Pakistan. A company gave us a satellite phone. Ben will send me text messages in case something emergency goes on in Pakistan. We may have no access to news for a number of days. So this way, I know what is going on. He will send text message trough the Iridium website. This is easy and for free.

I think that’s it for the moment. Find a photo that we took on Saturday. These are the “driving doctors”


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peace Returns to Yei

It looks like peace has returned to Yei and the LRA rebels have been scattered. Let's hope they are gone for good.

-----Original Message-----
From: stanley lonathan
Sent: Sat 3/14/2009 2:46 AM
Subject: Greetings

Dear Stefan and friends,

Thanks for standing with us in prayer regarding the security situation in Yei. The situation is now calm and many families are going back to their homes in the villages. The LRA's have been pursued all the way out and a remenant of them entered again to Congo. Some of them were captured and could possibly be handed over to Uganda.

The Dreamland children are back in school and we thank God that all the kids are well. Are you still planning on sending us another container? We have 400 students this year in our school and we have a total of 250 students at the Dreamland including our 38 orphaned kids. We will update you again.

God bless,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trouble in Yei, Sudan

Please pray for a situation that has recently come about in Yei, South Sudan. Pray specifically for Pastor Stanley LoNathan, his family, the children and staff at New Generation Dreamland and New Generation School, the entire congregation of New Generation Church, and for the family of faith and people of Yei, Sudan in general. Please pray for another missionary we know well in Yei also, Michele Perry and the staff and orphans at Iris Ministries Sudan.

Below is a message that I received today from Pastor Stanley; a contingent of LRA rebels (Lord's Resistance Army) have made their way from the Congo to Yei, Sudan. The LRA are an evil, wicked, merciless group of soldiers that have terrorized northern Uganda for close to 20 years. If you've ever heard the story of the Invisible Children, the thousands of children that had to move at night from village to village throughout north Uganda to avoid being abducted... the LRA was the group behind that crisis. About two years ago Joseph Cony and his troops fled Uganda and went into hiding in the Congo; recently a coalition force of Congolese, SPLA, and UDF troops have sought to rout them out of the jungle so they've been on the move and causing trouble along the way.

According to this BBC report, the trouble in Yei started this past Tuesday:

Here's a BBC report that provides an insider's look at the marks a raid like this leaves behind:

Based on Stanley's news below, it looks like the trouble is increasing. Pray for divine protection for both people and property in Yei, and pray that the SPLA find and arrest/capture the LRA soldiers.

Thank you for taking this to heart and for enlisting the prayer support of others.

-----Original Message-----
From: Stanley LoNathan
Sent: Sat 3/7/2009 2:46 AM
To: Onochie "Uche" Izuora; Stefan Radelich
Subject: It Well,

Dear Freinds,
Last night we experiences a security challenge in Yei specifically around the New Generation Dreamland. Some elements of the Ugandan LRA rebels who were scattered in Congo appeared around the villages close to the Dreamland. Four people were killed and much food looted. Most of the people around the Dreamland moved to the Freedom Square in town and spent the night there. Soldiers were deployed immediately to the area and for the safety of the children the soldiers asked us to move the kids to another place for just that night just incase anything happens. All the children spent the night at Jimmy's home, one of our workers. As I am writing you now there is so much confusion and fear gripping the town. We are assessing the situation and will touch base with you again. Please pray for the safety of the kids,and pray that the culprits will be captured as they are being pursued by the army.
God bless,

Here's a photo of Stanley LoNathan and his two children

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good News about Priscilla

Pastor Solomon recently sent an update that Priscilla is doing well. She has had a total recovery-- the swelling on her brain subsided, she's back on her feet, and back in school.

"Hi Stefan, I have just come from church and one of the people who attended was Priscilla, our God indeed hears and answers the prayers of his people, she is doing a lot better and is out of danger and out of Hospital. We will give her the exams she missed. Thank you very much for the great help you have given us as a ministry and a Nation- Solomon"

Turns out Priscilla has passed her exams with flying colors and is now a proud student in the Academy's P-8 class. Thanks for remembering Priscilla in your prayers.