Friday, December 12, 2008

Pray for Priscilla

Please pray for Priscilla, a young lady from Bulenga, Uganda.  About a year ago her brain swelled so much because of a complication from AIDS that she lost the ability to talk or walk.  She was hospitalized and the condition persisted for months.  Many people prayed extensively, God intervened, and she recovered.  Well, the same complications have just happened again.  Pastor Solomon from Good News church sent the following message:
"I'm requesting urgent prayer for one of my kids at the Academy, Priscilla Natugonza, who is battling with full blown AIDS.  She is in Hospital with a swollen brain, she missed the end of year exams because of that disease, she is trying to talk with a lot of difficulties, she is one brave kid who never misses church, even the all night prayer meetings when she is strong. Last time she was this sick, I called for prayer and she got better and out of hospital, I believe even this time we will join our faith and pray for this girl.  Thank you very much.  Solomon"
I was just at the Bulenga church three weeks ago and Priscilla caught me outside after the service and gave me a big hug… she first squeezed me and said, “Thank you for bringing all the food for us at school!” and then she said, “Mr. Stefan can you please pray for me that I make it to eighth grade.”  Priscilla had finals coming up.  I prayed a simple prayer for God’s hand to be upon her and for the Holy Spirit to help her study and do well and thought to myself… “she’s got nothing to worry about when it comes to doing well at school.”  

As Pastor Solomon noted-- she wasn’t able to take the exams to graduate from grade seven.   Priscilla is such an articulate, intelligent, and cheerful girl.  She wants to be a medical doctor so she can help people.  Please earnestly pray for Priscilla and ask other people of prayer to do so as well.   Here's a two minute video we filmed with Priscilla  a few months ago: