Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News from Uganda

Our friend Solomon sent an update yesterday, thanking everyone for thier prayers for Priscilla. She’s come a long way & has a long way to go but “with God all things are possible” as Jesus said! Here's a photo of Priscilla helping to move bricks as the new school is being built-- she's always smiling and wanting to help or share what she has with the other kids.

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From: solomon mwesige
Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 5:57 AM
Subject: Priscilla

Greetings in the name of the Lord. Priscilla is doing great, God has been very faithful, she has not been down sick or in hospital since the last time I wrote asking for prayers, I believe the rice and soy meals and the new vitamins you gave us have also done a great job in boosting her immunity, she has not missed class since and her brain power has increased. Based on what the Doctors have said though, they think that she will keep loosing her memory till she cant learn anything new. We have seen that happen at the school in the past, but these days her performance in class is a lot better and her academics are progressing.

Thanks for investing in her life both spritually through prayer and the food and vitamin support.


William sent an email to report on the positive impact the fortified rice meals are having on the children at 'Little Angels'. We are so grateful to Feed My Starving Children and their volunteers who pack these rice & soy meals that Feed The Hungry ships to childcare partners throughout Africa.

Greetings and many thanks from me, my wife Jane, the staff and all the children at Little Angels Children Centre. God bless you for your generous heart that has made a great change in our school. The FOOD and the VITAMIN TABLETS that you gave us has really made our children HEALTHY.

Since we recieved this blessing the children who used to be sick all the time are now now well all the time! If you can see them today you would just praise God. The number of children at the school are increasing every term, when we first recieved the rice meals we had 150 students and now 207 . We pray that God may open more doors for you that through you many things can happen in our community and nation. God bless you!

Pastor William Walusimbi