Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crises Hit Pacific Islands

Philippines Flood Disaster
- 73,892 people rescued
- 2,254,915 people affected
- 389,616 located in 561 evacuation shelters
- 736,197 displaced people
- 3,374 homes affected

Padang, Indonesia Earthquake
- 7.6 Magnitude
- Devastates Padang
- Current Death Toll: 529 people (number of casualties are expected to increase rapidly as search efforts continue)

Samoa Tsunami Disaster
- 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake devastates Samoa @ 6.48am local time
- Deadly Tsunami strikes islands at 07:00am

Historic and devastating floods in the Philippines, a killer tsunami in Samoa, and deadly earthquakes in Indonesia... its been a horrific week for literally millions of people in these Pacific islands. In the Philippines alone, more than 2 million homes have been destroyed.

Pete Sumrall, President of Feed The Hungry received an emergency e-mail from David & Beverly Sumrall. They pastor Cathedral of Praise in Manila, Philippines, a vibrant church started by Dr. Lester Sumrall more than 50 years ago. Beverly shared these gripping words:

"Flooding was horrific all over the city-- what had been knee high rose to neck high in a matter of seconds-- areas that were neck high rose to 15 feet. Thousands of people spent day and night on the roof of their houses without food or drinkable water. Areas of the city which had never flooded before were inundated with water. The floods rose so suddenly. Entire families grabbed their children by the hands and ran for their lives, only to have their little ones swept away by the raging torrents. They were too weak to hang on, and too little to survive. Many children are among the dead. In the Marikina Jail, prisoners were not allowed to go out to seek higher ground, they drowned in their cells."
The need is enormous and the situation is desperate. Feed The Hungry is responding immediately to help displaced families in Manila, Samoa, and Indonesia by purchasing tons of staple food items and water for the church to serve the suffering.

If you'd like to help families who have lost homes and belongings because of these natural disasters, please visit and help today. Thank you.