Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog by Proxy

Lamar Austin (FTH US) and Doreen Sparman (FTH Canada) are leading a group of 15 down the Escondido River in Nicaragua. The group arrived in Managua last Friday and they've been visiting villages all along the river on the way to Bluefields-- a great little port city on the Atlantic Coast.

Lamar's called in a couple times & Doreen has been able to send a few photos, but web access has been a little sparse, as you could imagine. It's the rainy season (the REALLY rainy season) and the team's been holding up well.

Here's a neat story-- the guys ran into a village farmer who received help from Feed The Hungry on a previous mission, for several years he's harvested a crop from the seeds that we sent to Nicaragua several years ago and used the surplus to benefit others in the village. Pay it forward brother!

Hopefully Lamar or Doreen can connect soon and post a first-person update. Today they are at a feeding center that FTH helped resurrect in Bluefields; two hundred children or so are coming to the center daily for lunch and school tutoring.