Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back in Port au Prince & Carrefour

Lamar Austin and I have had two good solid days of ministry and activity here. At dawn yesterday we met up with one of our containers at the border & guided it in to our base in Fond Parisien. Met with Pastor Eddy Francois in Carrefour; this area of Port au Prince was devastated, 80% of the homes either destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Pastor Eddy's home was wrecked, he had 31 people living in his house and thankfully all survived. He is now in a tent along with 2,500 or so people living in the yard lot behind his house.

FTH relief coordinator, Pastor Fernando Fleming of the Dominican Republic, started food & water distribution to these families the week after the earthquake. It was good to finally meet Eddy and many of the families living under nothing more than low-lying bedsheets strung together on sticks & poles.

We had a VERY orderly distribution of a week supply of rice & beans to each of the families... 2,500 people... it was a blessing to see the vision of FTH in action once again, feeding the hungry, strengthening the church, and reaching the lost.

Many of the families living in this makeshift tent city are members of Eddy's congregation, but the vast majority are not. They have all seen God's love in action.

Visited with Mercy & Sharing briefly to introduce the leadership there to Fleming... so he can have quick access to the warehouse where 110 tons of FTH supplies will be stored.

We hoped to see all 7 containers cleared this week while in Haiti, but President Preval declared a three day time of fasting, repentance, prayer, and singing led for the nation. The voodoo/witchcraft folks got real upset at that...but Preval stood his ground. May this be a historic turning time for the nation of Haiti and may it rise from the ruins to become a place of peace and prosperity. A nation CAN be saved in a day.

Posted some photos tonight at

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Tomorrow morning we leave Fond Parisien again with the truck at 5:30 am for another distribution.


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