Friday, May 9, 2008

Myanmar Cyclone Relief

The reports from our contacts on the ground describing the devastation reminds me of the Tsunami in 2005 -- the scope and depth of the destruction is beyond what words or pictures can convey.

Millions are now homeless, there is no power, no running water and people are looting stores to survive. Two of the churches we know have generators to provide power, so they can be set up as relief centers, but they have no supplies to help the overwhelming number of survivors. Feed The Hungry is purchasing food, blankets, plastic sheeting, and other first-response supplies in Yangon to meet the need.

One of the most critical issues during crises like this is the need for clean drinking water. Without clean water, cholera and dysentery will be imminent. Feed The Hungry has purchased 2 Vortex portable water purification systems which can produce over 1,400 gallons of life-sustaining pure drinking water a day.

Our plan is to transport relief supplies from Thailand to the FTH relief centers as soon as possible. Buying food, blankets, tarps, etc. in Yangon is costly but it must be done-- bringing supplies over from Thailand will provide more buying power.

At times like this, cost is not an option.. we have to do whatever it takes to help save the lives of the vulnerable-- i.e. the old, the young, and the sick-- and that means buying supplies in country for the time being.

Please pray for the survivors, the church, and for all the aid agencies doing their best to bring help to Myanmar during this critical situation.

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