Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making Progress towards Pakistan

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Hi everybody, greetings from Italy. If you think we run around with T-Shirt and Sun lotion, wrong. It is cold and rainy. Yesterday evening we had so much rain, that the window wiper hat not enough speed to wipe the rain off the windshield! But anyway we made it, late into here.

Sunday morning we had a great and wonderful service with Pastor Peter in his church, the ZOE GOSPEL CENTER. The church prayed for us and the vehicle. Wonderful people and a great church. Today we had a short meeting with a sponsor here in Venice. We took a few hours to walk through the city. For me it was a strange feeling being here again. During the many weeks and months I spent in Croatia and Bosnia during the war, I drove over here on the weekend sometimes to get out of all the mess over in Bosnia. To be here with this memory and being here today with my two sons was special. Right then they were not even born. Spoke with Pakistan today, everything is on time on their end. They still working on the papers to get the Ambulance tax free into Pakistan.

I got a nice and lovely email today. Someone driving their car obviously saw our email address on the ambulance when passing by us. He got online and seny us an email and said that he wishes all the best for our journey. We are aware of the attack in Lahore, Pakistan. I will keep an eye on that. In about two hours we will enter the ferry to Greece.

JP, Marcel and Philipp

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