Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update from JP... Pakistan here we come!

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Hi Everybody,
Short report from the first two days on the trip. The TV Crew spent almost four
hours with us. Hopefully they don’t cut too much. Right after they left, we
also took off. In south Germany, around an hour from the Swiss border, our GPS
quit its job. Marcel in the back of the ambulance took the laptop and studied
the manual. It was stored on the laptop. After a reset it was working again for
maybe another ten minutes. So no way to go any further. I drove off the highway
to look for a good store. We found one very quick and we got a new one. The
other one we take back from where we got it, it is a case of warranty. In maybe
one hours time we were back on track. When we came to the border, they had
already closed. With our special documents we cannot just go through. I need a
stamp that I left Germany in order to get the tax back that we paid. So we
parked in a long line of trucks, which were asking about the same thing. A female
custom officer (Swiss) jumped on a truck driver so bad, that I was thinking that
we don’t get her. But guess what, we got her. She still looked very mean, but
when we explained our mission to her, she became very nice and helpful. The
pressed her stamp on our papers and even came out of her little office. She
told the officer at the gate, what our mission was and ask him to let us trough
right away. So we passed by on about 50 trucks towards the gate. At the gate
the offices stopped us again. I thought he will check the papers and passports.
But he did not. He wished us all the best, good luck and travel mercies. That
was really nice. We arrived in Zurich late that night. On Friday we went to
Peter Hasler's church (FTH Director Switzerland). We all had a great and nice time with
Pastor Peter in his beautiful church. Pastor Peter was with Dr. Sumrall in
Jerusalem, when Dr. Sumrall received the vision from the LORD for Feed The Hungry. So
Peter is a man who's been with FTH from the first hour. I ask him to come to South Bend to our next
meeting. On Sunday we will share the project in the church service and right after the
service we will leave for the spaghetti Mecca of Italy, to catch the ferry.

JP, Marcel
and Philipp

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